Old folk

Previous lab members and their destinations

Research Assistants

  • Yumi Moon
  • Meirion Hopkins

PhD students

  • Chris Culbert (industry on fitbits for pets)
  • Cuong Tang (Senior Scientist, NatureMetrics)
  • Isobel Eyres (postdoctoral researcher, Sheffield)
  • Diane Lawrence (postdoctoral researcher, Edinburgh)
  • Tomochika Fujisawa (postdoctoral researcher, Kyoto)
  • Martine Claremont (mum)
  • Yael Kisel (independent artist & scientist)
  • Richard Waterman (postdoctoral researcher, Sheffield)
  • Jan Schnitzler (postdoctoral researcher, Senckenberg Research Institute)
  • Joseph Butlin (started own business)
  • Jonathan Davies (Assistant Professor, McGill, Montreal)
  • Gail Reeves (Research & Knowledge Transfer Manager,
    University of Exeter, Cornwall Campus


  • Aelys Humphreys (lecturer, Univ Stockholm)
  • Alejandra Moreno-Letelier (UNAM, Mexico)
  • Sarah Knowles (Research Fellow, Royal Veterinary College)
  • Francesca Fiegna (now at ETH, Zurich)
  • Kevin Balbi (now working in private sector)
  • Albert Phillimore (now NERC fellow at Edinburgh)
  • Diego Fontaneto – Marie Curie Research Fellow, NERC Fellow (now researcher, Inst Ecosystem Study, Verbania, Italy)
  • Gabriel Perron (now at Univ. Toronto)
  • Elisabeth Herniou – Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow (now CNRS researcher and ERC Starting fellow at IRBI, Univ. Tours)
  • Julia Day – Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellow (now Lecturer at University College London)

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