Laura Johnson

I work on human gut bacteria ecology, evolution and functioning. Some of the work involves constructing simplified communities from isolates whereas other parts use whole faecal communities in the lab. My project was funded by NC3R to develop in vitro models to replace animal use in gut bacterial work.

Johnson L.P., Walton G.E., Psichas A., Frost G.S., Gibson G.R., Barraclough T.G. 2015. Prebiotics modulate the effects of antibiotics on gut microbial diversity and functioning in vitro. Nutrients. 7:4480-4497.

Frost G.S., Walton G.E., Swann J.R., Psichas A., Costabile A., Johnson L.P., Sponheimer M., Gibson G.R., Barraclough T.G.  2014. Impacts of plant-based foods in ancestral hominin diets on the metabolism and function of gut microbiota in vitro. mBio. 5: e00853-14