Monthly Archives: May 2016

How Do Species Interactions Affect Evolutionary Dynamics Across Whole Communities?

This paper outlines verbal theory, existing evidence and future avenues for studying evolutionary interactions across whole communities. Many thanks to the Biodiversity Research Centre at the University of British Columbia (UBC) for hosting my sabbatical visit. Watching cedar waxwings and hummingbirds from my office window helped inspire this paper. We now need quantitative theory to […]

New method for delimiting species from multilocus data for large systematic samples

Tomochika had bright ideas for making multi locus delimitation feasible on much large systematic samples (i.e. multiple individuals and species) while still using genealogical theory. Read about it here. Check out the new software at his website

Horizontal gene transfer in bdelloid rotifers is ancient, ongoing and more frequent in species from desiccating habitats

6 years of hard work by Isobel shows that horizontal transfer has contributed genetic differences among bdelloids living in different habitats. It seems to be ongoing even in species that do not desiccate – interesting since the mechanism of gene transfer is argued to occur when rotifers repair their DNA following desiccation. Check out the […]