Monthly Archives: February 2012

Speciation in marine snails

Martine’s paper on speciation and dispersal in a marine snail

Diversity and antibiotic resistance

Gabriel’s paper on how diversity and recombination affect the evolution of multi-drug-resistance

Orchid-bee-fungal paper

Press release for Richard Waterman’s paper showing that pollinators drive speciation, mycorrhizal fungal partners aid coexistence Media coverage in Daily Telegraph

Coverage of Yael’s paper

Commentaries on Yael’s paper ‘Speciation has a spatial scale that depends on levels of gene flow’ ( 2010, American Naturalist. 175: 316-334): Presgraves D.C. & Glor R.E. (2010) Current Biology 20:R440-R442 Rated as Must Read (F1000 Factor 4.8) by the Faculty of Science USA Today story LiveScience story